Visa refused or Cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs (Formally known as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) (the Department), QS Lawyers can assist you or your Sponsor to Appeal to the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (the Tribunal), who are independent from the Department, to review the Delegate’s decision to refuse or cancel your visa. We will guide you and/or your Sponsor to prepare a thorough application, submissions brief and represent you at the Tribunal Appeal hearing.

If you are appealing a decision to refuse or cancel a visa, this can only be made by applicants/sponsors in Australia at the time the decision was received.

Overseas visa applicants who have had their visa applications refused are not usually eligible to apply for appeal unless they are sponsored by Australian organisations, Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Visa Refusal


Visa Applicants who have been Refused or had their visa cancelled should be aware that the appeal process can be lengthy, stressful and you may not have work or study rights. There may be options to request work rights in limited circumstances. Use our services to save you time and stress.

If you have a decision from the Tribunal that you are not satisfied with, then we may be able to assist you with an application to the Courts or to the Minister to intervene, also known as a MINISTERIAL INTERVENTION APPLICATION, depending on the decision and your circumstances.

As strict time restrictions apply for appeals, it is prudent that you contact QS Lawyers as soon as you receive the decision to refuse your visa. We suggest you seek early advice in any event, to receive honest advice in relation to your situation and whether you have options moving forward, to save you and your family from possible further unnecessary costs and traumatic deportation possibilities.